WE are architecture
studio based in Prague
& Rio de Janeiro

WE are architecture studio based
in Prague
& Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to VEHA Architects, where innovation meets elegance.
Our passion for creating spaces that inspire goes beyond blueprints and structures.

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Designing shopping centers and their retail units is a field in which we excel. We felt in our element when creating functional and highly profitable interiors far a nail studio chain. Today, our designs are being imitated by other players in the market, and as architects, we are constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of this design, We collaborate with our clients to explore innovative approaches and take the design to the next level.

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Grand Bohemia

Through the design of the "Grand Bohemia" boat, we further develop the principles of our creative approach. As the flagship of the Prague Steamboat Company fleet, this vessel accommodates 550 passengers. The key elements of our work were a minimalist design and the ability to seamlessly connect the interior of the boat with the exterior.

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BElla Bohemia

The design of the electric boat "Bella Bohemia" has captivated both Prague residents and tourists, and it has been extensively covered in Czech and international media. This aluminum-structured catamaran is a pilot project that can accommodate 250 passengers and continues to attract attention as it sails through the center of Prague on the Vltava River. The interior design and overall minimalistic execution align with the principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness that our studio promotes.

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prague boats

The floating office and its design correspond with the fleet of electric boats that we design. The clean form of the office aligns with its function: it serves as a workspace for the team of boat operators. Our design doesn't seek to attract attention but rather focuses on pure functionality and meticulous attention to detail and material execution.